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CES 2022 formally kicks off on 5th January, however, one of the most bigger bulletins are making their excess of ahead of the event itself.

One model, specifically, has revealed that a brand spanking new line of TVs will be on show, and they simply so occur to be the observe up to in all probability one of the vital standard ranges for gaming.

Here's the entirety you need to know.


LG C2 Range Coming To CES 2022

If you might have looked at any of best TVs for gaming lists, you have got likely come throughout LG's improbable C1 fact, you may have bagged one in the Black Friday sales!

The LG C1 range has transform a well-liked selection for the ones in need of all the benefits of OLED shows, corresponding to endless distinction, however need a TV that may keep up with the calls for of 4K, 120hz gaming now made imaginable due to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

LG C2 range takes things to the following degree, alternatively, upgrading its brightness and offering new sizes to the LG C1 range.

LG C2 Brightness

The LG C2 is ready to characteristic an 'OLED evo' panel that guarantees advanced HDR efficiency, that being mentioned this is most effective on 'select' models, so we'll have to stay tuned for more data there.

More brightness must come in useful for more real looking looking gaming studies, but additionally if you're staring at TV in a well-lit room.


LG C2 Sizes

Perhaps probably the most appealing part of this is that we're getting a global's first, within the form of a 42" display.

It's a welcome addition, especially for those with smaller living spaces or those who'd enjoy an OLED screen in their bedroom.

There's more also, including the familiar 48", 55", 65", 77" and the massive 83" sizes.

LG C2 Design

We've come across a glimpse of the 42" model, which you can see below. It has some differences to the central stand setup we're used to.

I for one prefer the central stand as it requires less table space if you're not mounting the TV to the wall, but it's good to see some design change occur to what has been a fairly similar looking run of TVs.

How the other TVs will look is yet to be seen, but we're excited to see any more design tweaks.


LG C2 Release Date

At the instant, we do not know the legit free up date, however we will have to pay attention more all over the week.


LG C2 Price

Similarly, with worth, we are yet to find how a lot these will be going for, and while we can estimate that they will start at 48" for over $1000, with a world's first in the mix we could be way off.

We're predicting that the 42" show will likely be highly regarded certainly, especially if the price point is under $1000.

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