Does Xbox Series X Support 8K? Here's What You Need To Know

Does Xbox Series X support 8K? If you're at the hunt for a brand new Xbox or you've were given one and are shopping round for the best 8K TV you can in finding, you've most likely requested your self this question.

And we wouldn't blame you, as when it comes to the solution itself there has been some confusion for both Xbox and PS5 8K support.

We're right here to clear up a few issues so you know what to be expecting with your Xbox Series X right now and what to expect relating to compatibility one day.


Does Xbox Series X Support 8K?

Xbox series X is fully able to 8K output, but it's not that easy.

Much like with the PS5, the Xbox Series X has now not had its machine 'unlocked' for 8K right now and that's for a very valid reason.

Since just a very small amount of folks have an 8K TV or 8K track, many companies are just now not growing 8K content material presently, choosing instead to focal point on 4K.

And we will't thank them enough, as most of the best 8K TVs can tip the scales at tens of 1000's of greenbacks, and at the time of writing, there is best truly one 8K track that is available, which you can see here.

When Will Xbox Series X Support 8K?


Xbox Series X already supports 8K, so it's more a query of when they will update their techniques to unlock the characteristic.

This is truly in line with how temporarily 8K begins turning into the norm and if we now have to be honest, we will't see that taking place for no less than 3 - Four years.

Not most effective will the TVs have to come down in value significantly, however corporations will also have to get started producing content suitable with 8K, which is a tough determination to make taking into consideration it will most likely upload a layer of complexity, time, and resources for what generally is a small percentage of the marketplace.

Opinion: What's So Good About 8K Anyway?

8K is super spectacular thanks to the sheer element it will probably display, especially on greater screens.

However, is that truly what players want?

Nowadays, prime frames-per-second gaming is a must for probably the most most popular titles in the world.


Warzone in 8K? Fortnite in 8K? FIFA in 8K? I will't see the enchantment, particularly as it's going to scale back fps to care for the resolution itself...which could make you lose a aggressive edge.

There's also the fact that 8K turns out to be that includes on TVs more than displays by a way.

If it is a trend that continues, we'll most probably see 8K at the correctly large monitors, which both are and aren't just right for gaming.

Sure, immersion will likely be implausible when enjoying story-driven titles like God of War or The Last of Us, however as I laid out when exploring the best screen size for gaming, bigger isn't at all times better.

There's additionally some debate as to whether the human eye can even see 8K...however we'll leave that to you to come to a decision.

For presently, it is HDMI 2.1/ 120hz TVs or HDMI 2.1 monitors that'll truly showcase what the Xbox Series X and PS5 have to be offering at this time.

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