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With Halo Infinite in multiplayer in full swing and the campaign now out with excellent reviews, we think it is as good a time as any to search out the best controller for the game you'll be able to.

Controllers have come far and there are some amazing options for both aggressive and more informal gamers available on the market.

Button mapping, new and improved grips, and even modular gamepads are common-place, and let's no longer put out of your mind one of the most unbelievable themed and customisable skins we now have observed too.


If you taking a look to win large in Halo Infinite we might suggest finding a controller that works along with your playstyle first, which you'll be able to then tailor to the best controller settings for Halo Infinite too.

We've selected some standout controllers based on specs, evaluations, and features they provide, which we predict can provide the edge in battle.

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Best Controllers For Halo Infinite


Best Controller For Halo Infinite - Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Brand: Xbox | Compatibility: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/Eleven units | Battery: Up to 40h | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless, USB-C

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller might be a little bit on the dear aspect, however this is a shockingly impressive piece of apparatus.


The large distinction with this game-pad is that it is tremendous customisable and features paddles on the underside of the controller.

Taking the paddles first, those help you map actions like 'jump' or 'reload' onto them, meaning that you'll stay your thumbs at the thumbsticks at all times if you need.

This is a similar setup to what Pro gamers use at the Scuf PS4 controller, and it could assist shave off treasured milliseconds with regards to reflex-based shooters.

The thumbsticks also are customisable and can also be changed to fit your desired profile.

An absolute winner if we ever saw one and one thing which can take your gaming talent to an entire new level.

Best Budget Controller For Halo Infinite - Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Brand: Turtle Beach | Compatibility: Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One & Windows 10 PCs | Connectivity: Wired

If you don't mind skipping the wireless element, you can bag this awesome Turtle Beach Recon controller for a gorgeous affordable price bearing in mind what you get.


When it involves aiming, this controller boasts a Pro-Aim Focus Mode, which allows you to tune your thumbstick sensitivity for other eventualities.

Interestingly, there also are some real standout options relating to audio too, including different modes designed to improve enemy footsteps, reloads and different sounds that may provide you with more situational awareness within the area.

It also options cooling gel pads and ergonomic grips to keep you at ease and in regulate throughout those longer gaming stints.

An superb option for those taking a look to up their Halo sport.

Best RGB Controller For Halo Infinite - Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Brand: Razer | Compatibility: Xbox Series S/ X | Connectivity: Wired | RGB: Yes

While RGB won't have an effect on the gameplay itself, this can be a must-have for some players available in the market relating to developing some undeniably epic setups.


But the good news is that this Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma actually packs a ton of customisation, plus again paddles in the same sense as one of the vital previous entries.

Notably, it features 6 multifunction buttons, a hair-trigger mode, and super tactile action buttons so you understand exactly what you are hitting.

And as for the RGB itself, you are getting the classic Razer Chroma where you can choose from 16.Eight million other colors and a ton of various effects, together with dynamic ones that react to specific video games.

Best Controller For Halo Infinite Premium - SCUF Prestige Custom

Brand: SCUF Gaming | Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC & Mobile

SCUF produce some beautiful incredible controllers and are a well-liked choice among players looking to get the threshold in FPS.


This controller options a couple of standout purposes.

First off, you'll be able to use Trigger Stops to create a shorter pulling distance when capturing, and even fine-tune this further to actually give your controller hair triggers.

Again, we're talking milliseconds of difference right here...however if you happen to've grown up with Halo, you understand it's all about who is touchdown pictures first.

Secondly, you've got those all-important mappable back-paddles too, plus if you fancy converting up the look of the gamepad, due to a detachable magnetic faceplate and swappable thumbsticks it's never been more uncomplicated.

Worth making an allowance for if you're taking a look for one thing a bit of different from the Xbox's own.

Best Cheap Controller For Halo Infinite - PowerA Enhanced

Brand: PowerA | Compatibility: Xbox Series X/S | Connectivity: Wired

Let's face it, if you are after a high quality controller that does the process you then wouldn't have to spend the earth to get it - living proof this PowerA Enhanced controller for Xbox.


You're not going to find a bunch of customisation or button mapping right here, however pair this with some Kontrol Freek thumbstick add-ons and you might be just about there for a fragment of the associated fee.

PowerA also does some lovely distinctive skins, that means you can show off your personal style without having to shell out for the privilege.

It's a forged controller...and if we are fair, one of the vital acquainted to most people taking part in Halo Infinite lately.

More Gaming Accessories For Halo Infinite

If you might be gearing as much as dominate in the arena, then it can pay to head in with a full loadout and we've got got you covered proper here.

From gaming mice to headsets and extra, have a look underneath to complete your arsenal.


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