Best DPS Heroes Ranked [2021]

If you are a Tank or Support main on the lookout for a metamorphosis then it's time to turn out to be the Best DPS in Overwatch, smartly the best you can be anyway.

Maybe you are preparing for Overwatch 2 and want to experiment with a new playstyle. Whatever your reason for touchdown this is, it's always excellent to have an idea of who the best heroes are in every role, particularly DPS as it's possible you'll wish to fill a gap on your staff composition.

Naming the best DPS will also be difficult as they are all so different and have various qualities however we're going to do our best to rank the roster, making an allowance for, your best DPS might be your mates worst so it is all fairly relative. Here's what you want to grasp in regards to the DPS function and a few of our most sensible selections.

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What Is A DPS Hero?

As a DPS hero, your objective is to give a boost to the workforce, whether that be by protecting healers or helping tanks to push, you rally with the rest of your squad.

Within Overwatch there are a selection of DPS heroes, a lot of which are completely other playstyles, goals and more, for example, Bastion can turn into right into a turret and mow down enemies, even though, he wishes coverage, while Widowmaker is a stealthy Sniper.

Chances are you'll be able to find a persona that fits you inside the DPS function, just because there is such a lot variety.

How Can I Be A Good DPS Hero For My Team?

The best solution to be a excellent workforce player as a DPS is to be flexible. If you've been taking part in Overwatch a while, surely you have run into your fair proportion of avid gamers that just wish to price in and get kills, no matter the results.

If you might be occupied with taking part in and winning, you need to be able to keep in touch with your group and do what's going to get advantages everybody, even though that implies your sole purpose is to shield a toughen player.

The most necessary thing to bear in mind as a DPS is that you're nonetheless playing a team recreation, it's simple to get over excited, attempt to stay as a unit, except you create a plan along with your squad otherwise.

Who Are The Best DPS Characters?


7 - Junkrat

I do know quite a few persons are probably shouting at their displays upon seeing this rank, I'm sorry, I've got a soft spot!


Although many categorise Junkrat as just a little of a button smasher, that means he doesn't take a lot ability, this does not remove from the truth he will also be extremely powerful, particularly when performed logically.

If you need to go the straightforward direction then select Junkrat and spam the attack bottom whilst striking as many traps and mines as you can, full transparency, you most probably won't get the friendliest messages.

Otherwise, you'll if truth be told play as Junkrat methodically and place traps in not unusual shortcuts, the usage of mines to launch enemies off of the map, your selection.

6 - McCree

McCree, despite the fact that frustrating now and then to play, he could be a cast choice. He calls for accuracy so remember to brush up for your goal like another hero additional down this record!


His same old assaults aren't anything else show-stopping but his secondary assault is handy. If you're able to stun an enemy with McCree's Flashbang, you can then use "Fan the Hammer" which unloads all of the chamber into an enemy, this may also be deadly against decrease HP heroes.

Above all else, his ultimate can are available in clutch. If you hear the phrases "It's high noon" up in opposition to a McCree then you need to get out of his line of sight. Deadeye will target each and every enemy inside view shooting each and every one with, a extra common than no longer, fatal shot.

5 - Hanzo

If you have aim like Robin Hood then Hanzo is your man. He's a surprisingly strong selection, when his lands hit, which in my own enjoy is rarely, despite the fact that that's right down to my very own terrible goal.


Hanzo can in truth reveal enemies locations the use of a Sonic Arrow which shows those inside the 9-meter radius.

His general assaults are k and can pack a punch however his ultimate may also be devastating. Dragonstrike unleashes a dragon that may go via walls and constructions, severly destructive any enemy in its trail.

4 - Ashe

Ashe can get a foul rep from time to time however I believe it's relatively unwarranted, she's a cast selection and can care for maximum situations, shut quarters or long distances.


If you are planning on giving her a move, you may want to scrub up in your goal as she is moderately dependant on precision.

Her primary assaults are beautiful run of the mill however her ultimate is to be feared... BOB. A menacing title, I do know, Bob is Ashe's sidekick who she will except to attempt at any enemies inside of his attractions, he's additionally relatively tanky with a big health bar.

3 - Mei

Mei has been beautiful prime on the list of best DPS since day one. She's a reasonably simple character to pick up and at the more straightforward aspect to play.


Her talents include an Ice Wall which is good for conserving back enemies or the usage of up a Bastion's ammo, Cryo Freeze which encases her in ice whilst elevating her health, very best for a life or death scenario.

Her primary assault is somewhat robust, a movement of frost which damages, slows, after which ultimately freezes enemies in place, her secondary fireplace is a medium ranged projectile using icicles.

Mei generally is a best possible pick out when in a good squeeze, corresponding to throughout additional time, she can position down Blizzard which slows and damages all enemies in a 10-meter radius, freezing those that stay nonetheless, allowing her teammates to unleash havoc and potentially profitable the match.

2 - Echo

Echo is among the more moderen faces to join the Overwatch roster and he or she's made reasonably an influence. This time around robots cannot be kept at the floor, the thirty second hero can actually turn out to be airborne which with the precise goal may just turn out to be fatal for enemies.


Aside from her normal attack, Echo can also release a cluster similar to that of Soldier:76. Be positive to stay an eye out for enemies which are injured, whilst enjoying as the newest addition you'll use a Focusing Beam to deal high amounts of wear to those with not up to part health.

Although all of those abilities are nice, the object that places Echo so prime on our list is her final Duplicate, which permits her to grow to be the focused hero for 15 seconds whilst being able to use their talents, including ultimates.

1 - Tracer

I can listen the screams of disgruntled Overwatch players already, however hear me out! We all know just how disturbing and infuriating a good Tracer major can also be, they are basically undetectable and each and every time you are feeling like you might be winning, she'll simply Recall and acquire all of the health again depleted during your combat.

Tracer most probably is not any place near as robust except utilized by a skilled player however I believe most players, new and veterans can agree how dangerous a Tracer can be, even when used by a less complicated player.

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