Forbidden West Release Date, Trailer, Story, Features And Everything We Know About Horizon New Dawn 2

Horizon: Forbidden West is the next recreation in the franchise and a sequel to the a hit Horizon Zero Dawn. The motion role-playing recreation again features Aloy, a hunter who ventures through a post-apocalyptic land ruled via robotic creatures.

Coming to both PS4 and PS5, we've rounded up everything you wish to have to know about the game.

Latest News

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date Announced - August 25, Gamescom

Guerrilla Studios revealed the Horizon Forbidden West release date all the way through Gamescom 2021. The long-awaited sequel will release February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.


Moved To 2022? - July 30

Industry insider Jeff Grubb has been talking about Horizon: Forbidden West, and notes that he is had phrase from some resources that the game has been pushed to 2022.


Still Coming in 2021? - May 12

An exclusive WIRED document on the state of the PS5 said Guerrilla Games re-confirmed Horizon Forbidden West will release in 2021.

Voice work and motion seize are already well underway. Guerrilla shipped recording cubicles to actors' properties and advanced a degree in Amsterdam to securely conduct Horizon Forbidden West mocap.

Finally, studio director Angie Smets stated the Horizon Forbidden West DualSense purposes can be a very important part of the revel in.

Release Date

Horizon: Forbidden West is proven to release on February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5. Previously introduced for a 2021 release, that eventually got driven back into subsequent year.

What Is Horizon Forbidden West?

On June 11, Sony revealed Horizon Forbidden West, "a gorgeous new adventure set in a distant land ravaged by massive storms," consistent with an reliable (*2*). The trailer's description teases.


Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy's tale as she moves west to a far-future America to courageous an imposing, but dangerous frontier the place she'll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats.

Among the ruins of San Francisco, Aloy will stumble upon a far-reaching infection Guerrilla calls the "red blight." She'll be able to don a masks and discover underwater spaces of the map, as neatly, judging from the first teaser trailer.

Some of the robotic beasts you'll meet in Forbidden West include the alligator-shaped "snapjaw," pterodactyl-like "sunwings," colossal "shellsnappers" (fashioned like tortoises), and the mammoth-esque "trumortusk." Thanks to the ability of the PS5, Guerrilla says there'll be "virtually no loading screens."


While the first recreation was once single-player simplest, with avid gamers stepping into the boots of Aloy, the sequel is intended to be playable in co-op, at least in step with rumours. Previously leaked idea artwork showed multiple avid gamers scuffling with the original sport's huge beasts, so may just we be teaming up with pals on PS5?

VGC reviews that "it’s understood PlayStation was equally keen to see online functionality implemented in the sequel," so which may be the case.


The trailer was a part of the PS5 video games reveal, check it out underneath.



The game might be available on the PS5 and PS4, making it a cross-generational name like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

However, Forbidden West's Standard and Special editions don't support cross-buy, which is only to be had during the Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Editions.

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