Best Halo Infinite Weapons and Guns

Halo Infinite has a ton of weapons in its armoury – and because the game's full release, we now have seen all means of classic Halo guns make their triumphant go back.

We've been grinding away, loving each minute of it, and are confident sufficient now to make you a to hand tier listing at the best guns in Halo Infinite. Of course, now not all of those are to be had on every single degree, but it is worth having this checklist on hand to check and see in case your present gun may just do with being swapped out.

So then, here are all the best guns in Halo Infinite, ranked to your convenience!


Top Tier - The Best Halo Infinite Weapons

So, listed here are the very best of the best in Halo Infinite. Don't worry if you'll be able to't get hold of them - a few of these weapons are 'Power Weapons' and thus are most effective available on a timer. Still, you will have to seize them when at all possible.


The missing 3rd letter is an 'A', not a 'U', it appears. The M41 SPNKR is an absolutely outrageous gun. Essentially a rocket launcher, you get two photographs with this factor ahead of having to reload, and it necessarily will provide you with a couple of free kills in your hassle in the event you hit close to sufficient to an enemy. Grab it while you get the danger.

If you're looking to reinforce your SPNK-ing, take a look at our helpful Halo Infinite M41 SPNKR guide to make use of it higher.

S7 Sniper

This sniper can zoom in at two other distances and gives a one-shot headshot if you can land it. In a sport with a time-to-kill as sluggish as Halo Infinite, this is a severely strong gun to have, utterly dominating cross-map engagements.

We have some helpful tips at the S7 Sniper in Halo Infinite too, so give the ones a glance to help you toughen with it.


Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is a savage at shut range. You'll get a lot more vary than usual melee attacks too, lunging forward to strike foes down with the Energy Sword and dealing huge damage in the process. Keep an eye fixed out for when your reticule changes colour to pink and assault then - it'll take them down in one.

Have a have a look at our to hand Halo Infinite Energy Sword guide for more info at the weapon.


In Big Team Battle or other maps where vehicles are to be had, the Skewer is an actual deal with to make use of. It offers quite a lot of harm to automobiles, in addition to one-shotting enemies. You can handiest fireplace one time prior to a reload, however hit that shot and you are golden.

Halo Infinite High Tier Weapons

These are the guns that aren't game-changingly robust however work excellently as weapons to trundle round with and rely on.


Shock Rifle

This is a somewhat ordinary weapon, as it really works a lot better when you find yourself supporting teammates from afar. By hitting an enemy, the surprise effect spreads to their friendlies too, which means you'll be able to deal a ridiculous amount of wear when firing at a room full of folks. It's a high harm gun even outdoor of that though.

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando is what you want you were given originally of a fit. It's accurate, robust, and permits you to take out enemies from across the map. If you are sitting there rueing the poor efficiency of your AR, glance no additional.

It's a real deal with, and to maximise your talent with this gun you can pass ahead and check out our Halo Infinite VK78 Commando guide.


The Heatwave is an engaging gun, offering shotgun-like efficiency at close ranges with the original ability to change your shell orientation between a horizontal and vertical spread. The bullets additionally ricochet, letting you take out baddies with out even hitting them.


Halo Infinite Mid Tier Weapons

The bulk of Halo Infinite's guns sit down on this category. They're solid alternatives, however ones it's good to reinforce on in case you are fortunate or good find other weapons around the map.


Another area-of-effect weapon, the Ravager shoots robust plasma shots in piles of three. Strong in close quarters, you'll be able to additionally rate the gun to leave a pile of sizzling hearth in a space, destructive those that walk through it.

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is an all-time favorite for Halo lovers. Whilst it isn't fairly as dominant as it might be, it nonetheless gives a one-shot kill potential when you are close up, crushed by means of not anything however the Energy Sword when unexpected. Unfortunately despite the fact that, this one-shot range does not extend out a ways enough and you might be in for an extended wind-up for follow-up photographs.

The Gravity Hammer is a powerhouse on the whole although, and we have some great Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer tips.


Sentinel Beam

This gun is a continuously-firing beam weapon, implausible at stripping shields off your enemies. As long as you are a good shot and can stay the beam on the baddie, this gun will do very well.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is a difficult weapon to make use of thanks to its slow projectile pace, but if you'll be able to make it paintings and strike your shifting targets, it does an implausible job holding its harm values at longer levels.

Mk50 Sidekick

The default secondary weapon if truth be told plays higher than the AR in a large number of instances! It's an attractive standard gun, however with a quick trigger finger and respectable goal, you'll be able to be getting kills from a surprising range with the Sidekick.

CQS48 Bulldog


An easy two-shot kill at close range, the one reason the Bulldog doesn't make it into prime tier is its loss of a one-shot option. It'll at all times get beaten out by an Energy Sword or Gravity Hammer, but beats virtually the whole lot else up close.

You can fortify more with the Halo Infinite Bulldog guide we have put in combination for you too!


This energy pistol deals harm over the years, meaning you need to be hitting enemies with it while they are no longer hitting you. It will give you a higher likelihood of winning the longer the scrap goes on.


This factor fires fast-moving spikes at medium levels. It appears to be like a bit like a shotgun, however it's in truth a revolver-type weapon so it's important to be beautiful accurate with it. If you're despite the fact that, it's going to do a super task for you.

Its melee injury is boosted too in comparison with different weapons. Give it a try with some guidelines from our Halo Infinite Mangler guide.



This is a grenade launcher that deals truly just right damage in a small discipline. You may even keep watch over its location through transferring your sights whilst zoomed in if you want some precision grenade action. Use it when baddies are holed up in a room to flush them out.

BR75 Battle Rifle

It's accurate, but not up to the usual set via the Commando rifle. It's forged at medium levels but is not anything particular, and you could battle with the 3-round burst price of fireplace.

We have a really perfect helpful guide on the Halo Infinite Battle Rifle too, so give that a look if you wish to enhance with it!

Halo Infinite Low Tier Guns

These don't seem to be the best. Of path, each weapon has a possibility to do well in the palms of a just right player, however for us, those lower-tier weapons simply do not do it at the present moment in Halo Infinite.



This rocket launcher seems like a real treat. A rapid-fire launcher that can home in on enemies? Sign us up! Unfortunately, the homing characteristic simply does not paintings on Spartans with respectable motion and strafing, whilst the dumb-fire rockets don't do nearly enough injury to be viable and reliable.

For extra advice on making improvements to with the Hydra, this is our Halo Infinite Hydra guide too!


Oh, Needler. You're this type of cool and amusing gun to make use of. It's just a disgrace you might be so unreliable. The particular person needles do rarely any damage however hit 7 of them and your enemy will endure a heavily destructive explosion. Sounds great! However, the needles are so exhausting to if truth be told hit, and by the point you will have hit sufficient of them, your enemy might neatly have punched you to loss of life.

It's value grabbing for some situations although, and we've got put together a Halo Infinite Needler guide to help you improve with it.



The default weapon you start with is just a little of a pea-shooter. It's in point of fact exhausting to deal forged harm with this with no need to reload in between, and the accuracy bloom just does not lower the mustard from across a map. It's such a shame, but we assume the MA40 AR's poor efficiency is an encouragement for avid gamers to branch out just a little.

It's a gun you'll be using a complete lot although, so this is our Halo Infinite MA40 AR guide.

Pulse Carbine

We've found the Pulse Carbine to be extremely unreliable, even compared to the susceptible AR. Its sluggish bullet velocity and unimpressive damage values mean you'll be able to get overwhelmed out through numerous different weapons, so simplest pick out it up if it truly feels excellent for you.

For some best recommendations on wielding this gun to the best of its skill, why no longer check out our Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine guide too!

Plasma Pistol

It's just a susceptible weapon, unfortunately. It deals reasonably cast injury against shields, but not to the level of its other power weapon counterparts, and the price shot has such an excruciatingly slow travel time that your opponent may make Halo Infinite and delay it a yr earlier than they get hit via the item. Something's all the time were given to be the worst gun, and that dubious honour goes, for the instant, to the Plasma Pistol.

We do have just a little of at hand recommendation for you if you're taking a look to try this gun though - take a look at our Plasma Pistol guide for hints and tips!

There you've got it! All the guns in Halo Infinite ranked to your comfort. Do remember to let us know all about how your favourite gun is woefully out of place! When you might be accomplished with that though, why now not be told slightly about the best controller settings for Halo Infinite, or have a look at how to rank up the Battle Pass fastest?

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