Should I Buy A Gaming Monitor Or A TV? Here's What WE Think

When it comes as to whether you should buy a gaming monitor or a TV there may be a good deal more to the decision than you'll think, and we're right here to give you the 'gamer' standpoint at the matter.

Gaming screens are rapid changing into popular with console players world wide, due to a few apparent and a few not-so-obvious reasons.

TVs also are beginning to ship the goods with brand new gaming modes, HDMI 2.1 ports, or even VRR, making the verdict a little much less clear.

If you might be also attempting to determine which one to move for, stay reading, as we'll break down what we think are the important thing spaces of comparison between the two...and which one we ultimately think comes out on best...


Gaming Monitor vs TV Refresh Rates

Refresh charges, measured in Hz, are at all times worth noting on any display. A simple state of mind about it's that the more Hz there are, the smoother the gameplay will also be (relying on the instrument).

For aggressive gamers, having more frames can provide you with a little bit of an edge, and for extra informal gamers, prime refresh charges can give animations a 'silky smooth' form of look, which provides a distinctive fluidity to certain kinds of video games (racing games and action titles for example).

With TVs, although there are some great 120hz TVs for gaming, they'll most often fall short of screens within the refresh fee division, with 144hz - 240hz monitors being not unusual in the market as of late.

If you're after the very best refresh rates you'll be able to find we'd say heading for a monitor is your highest bet.

Gaming Monitor vs TV Input Lag


Input lag (infrequently referred to as input latency) is the period of time it takes for a sign to lead to an motion. In the case of displays and TVs, this might be between the console/ PC and the show.

Monitors generally have lower input lag than TVs, so if you are gaming and need to be responsive and hyper-reactive, then we'd say lean more towards a monitor.

Some of the best TVs for PS5 do have decrease enter lag than what you'd in most cases see and there are other TV modes you can put them in to verify it is as responsive as it can be.

But general, many of the best gaming monitors are super responsive and worth investigating for your subsequent improve.

Gaming Monitor vs TV Resolution

Gaming displays and TVs are pretty much even in relation to resolution, however monitors supply a little more variety.

Unlike TVs which can be in most cases 1080p, 4K, and 8K, gaming screens can be offering resolutions of 1440p.


Some of the best 1440p monitors supply a sweet spot between high refresh rates and top resolution, particularly when you select an optimal screen size (28" is a good place to be in our opinion).

But what if you don't fancy playing on the small screen?

Gaming Monitor vs TV Size

You'll find monitors coming in at anywhere between 23" - 43" nowadays, the bigger sizes of which are usually 4K displays.

But for 43" and above you can need to check either the best 4K TVs or a standout 8K TV.

Size is essential according to what type of sport you might be playing, however the general consensus is that small screens are higher for competitive gaming and bigger is better for a extra immersive revel in.

Gaming Monitor vs TV Price


When it comes to price, both TV and gaming displays have a massive vary making them appropriate for practically any finances.

The costliest gaming screens can also be upwards of $1300 easily (and a few non-gaming monitors are much more dear).

On the other hand, TVs can tip the scales at literally tens of thousands of dollars (just check out our top 8K picks to see for yourself.

On the funds finish, you can find first rate FHD displays for anyplace between $150 - $200, but options like upper refresh rates, lower reaction time, panel type and resolution will all drive the price up.

For TVs, you'll actually get some respectable 4K units for under $400. They may not be super slender or have an OLED or QLED display screen, but one of the vital best TVs for under 400 are more than just right sufficient for gaming and streaming.

Which Display Should You Buy For Gaming?

For gaming from a purely technical view, monitors are the winner here. They're extra responsive, have upper refresh rates, and a whole host of alternative options that make them incredible for gaming.


You've also got a large advantage of being able to double it up as a work monitor too, particularly since many gaming screens have amazing resolution and color accuracy.

If you might be keen on a TV, we would not blame you though, particularly with some of the choices from manufacturers like LG, Sony and Samsung boasting low enter lag and 120hz refresh rates.

A difficult resolution to make, however we're sure that whichever one you opt for, it will be great.

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