Our Top Picks For November

If you might be after the most efficient home theatre audio system to allow for maximum immersion whether or not you might be gazing motion pictures or gaming, and as all the time, we are here to help you with your search.

From a cracking soundbar just like the SONOS ARC to cracking 5.1 setup within the Elac Debut 2.0-5.1 System, we now have were given you lined with various our top picks according to specifications, opinions, and contours they offer.

So should you've simply bagged your self the best 120hz TV for gaming or even one of the vital best budget 4K TVs, here you'll be able to find one thing which must take your setup to the next stage.


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Let's dive in!

Best Speakers For Home Theatres


Best Speakers For Home Theatres 5.1 Surround Sound - Elac Debut 2.0-5.1 System

Brand: ELAC | Colour: Black | Power: 200W | Number Of Speakers: 6 | Speaker Types: Subwoofer, Floorstanding, Bookshelf, Center Channel

If you're looking for an immersive surround sound revel in at home the ELAC Debut 2.0-5.1 System is a strong contender.


This house theatre machine equips you with six audio system to be had from a two-channel formation all of the strategy to 5.1 virtual surround sound which should give you the desired cinema enjoy.

This gadget also contains new twin front ports which allow for the audio system to be positioned in cupboards or against partitions without affecting the sound high quality.

This ELAC Speaker System additionally produces 200W of power which must imply it is loud sufficient to fill any room.

Best Speakers For Home Theatres Dolby Atmos - Klipsch Reference R-26FA 5.1 Home Theater Pack

Brand: Klipsch | Colour: Black | Power: 300W | Number Of Speakers: 6 | Speaker Types: Subwoofer, Floorstanding, Bookshelf, Center Channel

Another standout selection for the surround sound cinema enjoy is the Klipsch Reference R-26FA.


These premium audio system characteristic Dolby Atmos era which will have to provide you with intense 3D encompass sound, hanging you at the centre of the action.

In terms of volume, this six-speaker set provides up to 300W of energy which will have to be greater than enough to create an atmospheric surroundings in your house.

The 12" Subwoofer allows you to expand your frequency range, which should give you clear crisp clarity with whatever you're listening to.

We additionally suppose this Klipsch Speaker System looks improbable and is worthy of any audiophile.

Best Speakers For Home Theatres Soundbar - SONOS ARC

Brand: Sonos | Colour: Black / White | Number Of Speakers: 1 | Speaker Types: Soundbar | Weight: 6.25 Kilograms

If you're not interested in traditional surround sound but still want a vibrant audio experience the Sonos Arc is also for you.


This soundbar should hold up brilliantly whether you're watching movies, gaming or playing music and thanks to voice recognition technology and AirPlay 2 is easy to start listening to.

This speaker boasts technology produced by Oscar-winning sound engineers to improve the clarity of human voices, which should make following a film easier and add to the realism.

Also featuring Dolby Atmos technology to create a field of audio that surrounds the listener to provide detailed depth and precise sound reproduction.

The sublime Sonos Arc is appropriate for TVs upwards of 49" and could provide the immersive atmospheric cinema revel in you are looking for from one unmarried speaker.

Best Speakers For Home Theatres 7.1 - Jamo S 807 HCS

Brand: Jamo | Colour: Black / White / Walnut | Number Of Speakers: 5 | Speaker Types: Subwoofer, Bookshelf, Floorstanding. Center Channel | Total Weight: 55 Kilograms

For the ones short of so as to add an additional channel to their already voluminous 5.1 setup without breaking the financial institution, the Jamo S 807 HCS set looks to provide some nice worth for money.


What you are getting is a handy 7.1 channel setup that should offer some dynamic but detailed audio with quite a lot of power to again it up.

In this set, you'll be able to find two floorstanding audio system, along with a pair of punchy bookshelf speakers, a centre channel speaker and a subwoofer which will have to actually surround you with what we expect will likely be nice audio.

Moreover, this Jamo set could also be Dolby Atmos ready which will have to additionally permit for some good 3-D encompass sound.

The Jamo S 807 HCS additionally seems to be a remarkably small set with the subwoofer being compact sufficient to fit under sofas which will indubitably provide some intense rumbles all the way through the most recent action blockbusters.

Best Speakers For Home Theatres Premium - Fluance Signature Series Surround Sound Home Theater 7.0

Brand: Fluance | Colour: Black Ash | Power: 200W RMS | Number Of Speakers: 7 | Speaker Types: Floorstanding, Center Channel, Surround, Bookshelf | Total Weight: 113.4 Kilograms

When 5.1 encompass sound does not minimize it, this Fluance Signature Series 7.0 system might be the very thing you need.


This top class speaker set is very sturdy thanks to Butyl rubber surrounds and Ferro-fluid cooled tweeters that ensure that consistent efficiency and longer lifestyles.

When it comes to the frequency the 8" woofers kick in at 35Hz to supply powerful undistorted bass which should add to the cinema-like feel.

The same tweeter is used in all seven speakers which should help to provide an equivalent tone from every direction which should help you feel at the centre of the film or entertainment.

The Fluance Signature Series are a seriously impressive set of speakers and an excellent choice for those wanting a true-to-life home theatre experience.

Best Speakers For Home Theatres Budget - Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Brand: Logitech | Colour: Black | Power: 1000W / 500W RMS | Number Of Speakers: 6 | Speaker Types: Subwoofer, Center Channel, Surround | Total Weight: 11.3 Kilograms

If you're after an awesome 5.1 digital surround sound experience but don't want to burn too deep a hole in your pocket, the Logitech Z906 could be for you.


This speaker system from Logitech offers a staggering 1000W of maximum power output and 500W RMS which should bring you enough volume to hear every detail clearly.

This system can also support up to six inputs simultaneously and comes with its own controller to select the relevant channel making it great for both gaming and entertainment purposes.

The Logitech Z906 also boasts a THX certification and Dolby Digital technology, all for a very reasonable price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Speakers For Home Theatres

Are soundbars as good as home theatre speakers?

Soundbars such as the Sonos Arc do provide great sound thanks to their Dolby Atmos inclusion and also look great with a sleek and modern design.

However, when it comes to audio quality, a proper 5.1 home theatre setup will provide plenty more oomph simply due to the number of speakers and their placement.


Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better for home theatre speakers?

For most people, a home theatre setup that comprises five channels with one subwoofer is plenty and will offer a decent surround sound experience.

If you've got a particularly large room though, then five may not be enough, and therefore an increasingly powerful 7.1 system could suit better.

Where should you place a subwoofer for a home theatre system?

Much like a lot of audio-related queries subwoofer placement is entirely personal.

Usually, it should be placed in the corner of a room in order to increase its output and overall power, but it can be placed elsewhere if it doesn't fit all too well.

Do I would like Dolby Atmos in a house theatre gadget?


Having Dolby Atmos can definitely be beneficial if you're looking for a setup that provides ultimate immersion, whether it be a full-on home theatre system like the Klipsch Reference R-26FA or a soundbar like the Sonos Arc.

This is because it aims to create a field of audio that surrounds by bouncing audio above the listener, as well as utilising the usual surround sound tropes to provide an all-in-one solution.

It's a handy thing to have if you want the absolute best setup, but not essential in order to have an already incredible experience. A usual 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre setup will more than suffice.

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