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If you might be after the most productive headset for PS5, we are right here to help along with your seek.

While Pulse 3D might seem like the most obvious contender, there are lots of headsets available in the market created by brands that are devoted to offering next-level audio, top rate builds, and designs distinctive to their very own established types.

We've selected what we think are one of the most absolute best PS5 headsets in response to specifications, opinions, and lines they offer to get you began to your search for the best headset.


We're additionally available to transparent up any of the ones complicated areas too, like whether or not you can use Bluetooth headphones with PS5, what PS5 games can you experience 3D audio with, and just what the variation is between PS5 3D Audio vs Dolby Atmos.

So, whether or not you're looking for a standout headset for competitive gaming like the Astro A50, or a actually top class selection with the Audeze Penrose, we have now got you lined!

With that being stated let's dive in and help you to find your subsequent epic headset for PS5.

Best PS5 Headsets


Best PS5 Headset Steelseries - SteelSeries Arctis 7

Brand: SteelSeries | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 353g | Battery Life: 24h+

This SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset is an improbable choice for PS5.


With 50mm drivers, we think the audio on be offering must have quite a few element in addition to some somewhat punchy bass. Their development as an over-ear headset additionally allows for heightened immersion.

Moreover with numerous breathable padding and what Steelseries has called a 'ski goggle suspension headband', it will have to additionally make the Arctis 7 a fairly at ease headset.

A 24 hour+ battery existence additionally ensures that you've got quite a few playtime with this superb headset.

Well made, durable, and mighty-fine taking a look too!

Best Official PS5 Headset - Pulse 3-D Headset for PS5 

Brand: Sony PlayStation | Colour: White / Black| Connectivity: Wireless / Wired | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 40mm | Item weight: 295g | Battery Life: 12h+

If you're in need of the official Sony solution for PS5 audio, look no further than the Pulse 3D headset.


These offer slightly a minimalistic design that mimics the PS5, in addition to what we expect will have to be rich stereo and encompass audio because of the reality it harnesses improve for 3-d Tempest Audio Tech.

Alongside this comes some to hand creature comforts including USB-C charging and a 12-hour battery life that are supposed to be plenty for a day's gaming.

The Pulse 3D too can paintings in each stressed and wireless paperwork, making them somewhat the versatile choice, too.

Best PS5 Headset Mid-Range - Razer BlackShark V2

Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wired 3.5mm audio jack / USB DAC | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 1.25 Pounds

The Razer BlackShark V2 is a good choice for PS5 for a number of reasons.


It boasts huge titanium 50mm drivers which can deliver on highs, mids, and lows, which means you can be getting a seriously immersive enjoy when taking part in all kinds of video games.

Of course, Razer delivers relating to convenience too with the acquainted cooling gel-infused ear cushions there to stay you from getting too sizzling, even on the longest gaming stints.

It additionally features Razer's HyperClear mic, so you'll be able to keep up comms with teammates successfully!

Best PS5 Headset Lightweight - Logitech G435 Lightspeed

Brand: Logitech | Colour: Black, Blue, White | Connectivity: Lightspeed Wireless, Bluetooth | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 40mm | Item weight: 165g

For those gamers short of a light-weight headset that are supposed to be relaxed to put on for the ones lengthy periods, the Logitech G435 Lightspeed seems to be a super possibility.


A total mass of 165g makes this probably the most lightest headsets available nowadays, and its bright-eye catching design additionally method we think it's a excellent having a look headset too.

When it involves connectivity, you'll to find both beef up for Bluetooth and Logitech's Lightspeed USB-A dongle that should offer a just about zero latency connection in your PS5.

The audio high quality appears to be beautiful decent, with particularly just right tonal balance and intensity of sound. It should also be lovely crisp across all supported platforms.

The Logitech G435 Lightspeed also provides up a tight battery lifetime of 18 hours because of this you'll spend quite a lot of time gaming and not concern about wanting to rate this headset up for some time.

Best PS5 Headset for Immersion - Turtle Beach Recon 200 White Amplified Gaming Headset

Brand: Turtle Beach | Colour: White | Connectivity: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 40mm | Item weight: 1.1 Pounds

If you're looking for some severe power, then it is smart to head for a headset in particular designed for the activity.


The Turtle Beach Recon 200 has Powerful Amplified Audio, necessarily rechargeable battery-powered amplification, which is perfect for adding even more immersion to your gaming revel in.

To move with this, a stylish white colouring also matches up with the PS5 in addition to the sheer power of this headset, too.

You must charge the Recon 200 to charge this headset to use it, but the excellent news is that it has a whopping 12 hours of playtime, so it is going to closing for a just right while.

Best PS5 Headset Premium - Audeze Penrose

Brand: Audeze | Colour: Black | Connectivity: USB Wireless | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 100mm | Item weight: 362g

If you're looking for a properly top rate headset for your PS5, then the Audeze Penrose may simply be an implausible choice.


What you'll find is a well-built headset overall made of some high quality and robust plastics and improbable levels of padding to supply nice comfort and to hand passive noise isolation for hours of usage at a time.

They additionally be offering up one of the most absolute best audio on any gaming headset available in the market thank you to a couple 100mm drivers that imply the sound quality is wealthy, with a lot of element and an attractive combo of sharp highs, mids and lows.

In addition, the 15-hour battery life of the Audeze Penrose is not to be sniffed at and definitely way this headset can move the distance in the ones long gaming sessions.

Best PS5 Headset With Haptic Feedback - Razer Kaira Pro

Brand: Razer | Colour: White | Connectivity: Wireless | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 332g

The Razer Kaira Pro appears to be a marvellous headset for PS5, particularly given one in all its relatively suave standout features.


It gives up Razer's HyperSense tech which adds haptic feedback to the whole revel in. In short, what this does is allow the headset to vibrate alongside to prominent in-game noises so as to add an extra layer of immersion - specifically useful for that true cinematic listening enjoy.

Add to this give a boost to for Sony's personal 3-d Audio and it looks like Razer are indisputably onto a winner with what seems to be to be one of the immersive headsets cash can buy as of late.

The Kaira Pro also appears the part with a sharp white, black and blue color scheme that matches the PS5 well. There's additionally various leatherette padding present too, which should allow for nice comfort and passive noise isolation.

Audio quality will have to be fairly powerful with various low-end rumble which will paintings effectively in tandem with Razer's SuperCardioid mic that may also be quite transparent so your pals will be capable to listen you correctly.

To around things off, you'll also in finding some convenient twin connectivity through each Bluetooth and a 2.4GHz receiver and first rate battery lifestyles of 11 hours with haptics enabled and 50 hours with out it.

Best PS5 Headset Under 50 - HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Brand: HyperX | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wired, 3.5mm audio jack | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 300g

This HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset is great value at below £50, some of the best budget headsets round.


Standout features include its light-weight design and 90 Degree rotating ear cups. Substantially sized 50mm directional drivers also feature, making it an excellent addition to multiplayer gaming.

As for padding, expect the HyperX Cloud Stinger to have numerous it with the brand's signature memory foam making sure a at ease have compatibility.

There's additionally some intuitive media controls together with a volume keep an eye on that's inside simple achieve and a swivel to mute microphone makes this great for on-the-fly adjustments.

Best PS5 Headset Wireless - Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

Brand: ASTRO Gaming | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 40mm | Item weight: 380g | Battery Life: 15h+

There isn't any other phrase for it, the Astro A50 headset is a beast. Astro constantly makes one of the vital best headsets for competitive gaming, and that is no exception.


What you'll be able to to find right here is some sharp audio all-round with ASTRO's Audio V2 tech making sure some crisp highs and sharp bass that are supposed to work properly in every eventuality.

Combine this with the reality they provide up Dolby Audio too that are meant to supply a really perfect sense of placement and a cinematic enjoy, and we think you're onto a winner.

The Astro A50s additionally function a handy charging dock and a 15-hour battery life, providing a tight little bit of playtime on a single rate, and associated software also means that you can fine-tune with each and every enter to set the whole lot just right.

A sharp design also makes it glance unbelievable and be offering what we think is an unbelievable all-round set.

Best PS5 Headset for Comfort - Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless

Brand: Turtle Beach | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wireless | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 784.71g | Battery Life: 20h

Sound is not the one issue at the agenda, however, we must say that the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is up there with the most productive. The 50mm nano clear audio system produce some crystal clear sound that's for sure.


But where this headset in point of fact stands proud is its cooling gel-infused, memory foam ear cushions, which can be best for the ones 'only one more sport' eventualities, of which we imagine there will be many!

Amazing design, high quality sound, and all-in-all a super choice for PS5. The official Turtle Beach Stealth headset stand is a must have if you need one thing to carry this good looks!

Best PS5 Headset Under 100 - Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Connectivity: Wired, 3.5mm Audio Jack/ USB | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 50mm | Item weight: 322g

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is a fantastic selection for PS5, one of the vital best headsets from Razer, particularly if you're having a look to spend under £100. 


This explicit headset is constructed with competitive play in thoughts, that means that it could possibly in reality lend you a slight merit when enjoying games that require extremely focussed listening to to live on.

Use your listening to to its complete impact with this wonderful headset, and experience a crystal clear mic for team talk also!

Best PS5 Headset Razer Wireless - Razer Barracuda X

Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Connectivity: USB-C Dongle | Form Factor: Over-Ear | Drivers: 40mm | Item weight: 250g

The Razer Barracuda X seems to be to be a cracking headset for your PS5, especially if you're in need of the freedom of wireless connectivity and the convenience of it being a USB-C one.


It offers up what we predict is a few properly balanced audio with some decent punchy bass, which will have to additionally translate effectively if you end up immersed in the latest AAA titles.

Plenty of breathable reminiscence foam padding and a 250g weight will have to also make the Razer Barracuda X a comfy are compatible, and a swish, minimalistic design also method they give the impression of being the phase, too.

20 hours of battery existence may be undoubtedly first rate, and the bendable cardioid microphone will have to also be somewhat at hand too for when you're speaking to your friends.

So there are our very best headsets for PS5 presently, but as mentioned, the best is certainly yet to come and we're looking forward to updating our listing with the entire newest as they arrive out. Be sure to test again in with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About PS5 Headsets

Finding the most productive headset for PS5 could be a little difficult from time to time, so let's clear up a couple of things to help you together with your seek.

Can you attach a Bluetooth headset to a PS5?

No, you'll be able to't, as they aren't appropriate with PS5. If you want to go wireless, you'll be able to need the appropriate USB dongle for it to function typically.


What is the difference between PS5 3D Audio vs Dolby Atmos?

In brief, Dolby Atmos and PS5 audio are kind of equivalent, but Dolby Atmos gives beef up for homeowners of the Xbox Series X/S, and companions with Microsoft to add Dolby Vision and Atmos to the latest Xbox consoles and games.

PS5 does not make stronger Dolby Atmos, so it shouldn't subject too much on your search.

Read More: PS5 3D Audio vs. Dolby Atmos

What is PS5 3-d Audio?

Whilst we do have a at hand separate guide about what PS5 3D Audio is, we're going to ruin things down a little for you right here.

In brief, PS5 three-D Audio is Sony's own respectable type of digital surround sound that seeks to add an extra layer of immersion to video games. This can be especially handy in FPS video games when you want to pay attention out for gunshots or footsteps around a corner.

It's supported at the legitimate PS5 headset from Sony, the Pulse 3D Headset and many of the PS5 headsets we now have indexed above additionally work with the clever immersion tech, including the likes of the Razer Barracuda X, for example.


How much must you spend on a PS5 headset?

You can get an incredible headset for around $60 - $100, with some fantastic headsets hitting the $200+ mark.

Typically you pay extra for wireless, build materials, and other options like swivel ear-cups, retractable mics, and even customized ear cup plates like with probably the most Astro line.

Should you get a stressed out or wireless headset for PS5?

To be honest, if you wish to make lifestyles quite simple and a bit of less expensive, we might say cross for a stressed headset.

But should you price the liberty of being able to stand up and transfer round between video games, with no need to go away the action, music, or dialog - wi-fi all the method!

Is the PS5 headset value purchasing?


If you are going for something that delivers when gaming, the PS5 headset is a brilliant name, especially for the associated fee, especially as it is tailor-made for the console.

You would possibly in finding that different headphones end up higher for multi-usage, particularly if you're using them across different platforms regardless that, so the selection is yours!

Will any headset work with PS5?

In short, any headset that has a 3.5mm audio jack will have to work together with your PS5 given it is going to plug at once into the DualSense controller.

With that being said even though, the same isn't true for wi-fi headsets. You can't, for example, immediately attach any Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 without a Bluetooth adapter. Wireless headsets for PS5 additionally require a dongle with a purpose to paintings.

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