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If you're looking for the most efficient 8K TVs to be had in 2021, we are here that will help you with your search.

While a quality 4K TV or a 120Hz TV, may fit your needs right now, future-proofing your setup is essential, especially to make use of any new options or devices on their manner, and if devices such as the PS5 support 8K in the future, then you're all set up and in a position to head.

We've taken a take a look at the present 8K offerings and narrowed it down to an outstanding collection of units sure to make your 4K-friends jealous.


So, whether or not you are going for a brilliant Mini LED TV like the LG QNED99 or you might be at the hunt for an unbelievable all-round choice in the Samsung QN800A, we have got you coated.

Let's get to it!

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Best 8K TVs in 2021

Here's our choice of TVs that give a boost to 7680x4320, or 8K UHD resolutions.


Best 8K TV - LG QNED99 8K Smart QNED Mini LED TV

Screen Size: 75" | Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 4, USB 2.0 x 3, RF, Ethernet, Mini Jack, Optical | Refresh Rate: 120Hz, HGiG, ALLM | Resolution: 8K, 7680x4320 | Screen Type: QNED

In our opinion, the LG QNED99 makes a truly standout 8K TV, with some rather incredible display tech packed inside.


What makes this quite a special TV is the fact it's a QNED display. On a basic level, it's a marker of LG's latest range of Mini LED TVs, with the term being a blend of the word Quantum, LG's own Nanocell branding and the associated 'Emitting Diodes' that this TV's powerful backlight utilises.

As this is a Mini LED TV, the QNED99 features 30,000 tiny LEDs, which is a much higher quantity than on other LED forms. In the real world, this translates to brighter images with more vivid colours, which can be handy when watching movies.

Otherwise, you'll find a lot of other incredible features here, with this TV supporting both Filmmaker Mode so you can view movies as the director intended, and smart assistants with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa able to give you a helping hand.

For avid gamers, this TV also helps 120Hz natively in the course of the inclusion of four HDMI 2.1 ports which makes this a great TV for PS5 and will have to additionally futureproof you for a just right few years of console releases.

Best 8K TV Premium - LG ZX 8K Signature OLED TV

Screen Size: 77" | Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 4, USB 2.Zero x3, CI Slot x1 | Refresh Rate: 60hz, VRR, ALLM | Resolution: 8K, 7680x4320 | Screen Type: OLED

This high-end 8K TV is among the best TVs you'll get out of doors of buying a cinema display screen.


Featuring over 100 million SELF-LIT subpixels for essentially the most immersive viewing imaginable, the LG ZX 8K TV even comprises AI that may upscale 4K and 2K images into much sharper 8K resolutions.

The LG ZX 8K TV additionally boasts a wide array of options to toughen your gaming enjoy. This 8K TV supports HDR and VRR with NVIDIA G-Sync whilst also having a mere 1ms response time, ensuring that you'll never be let down by input lag or your hardware.

At its value, the ZX it is going to be probably the most dear things you own. However, due to the α9 Gen3 Processor, the LG ZX 8K TV will ultimate you neatly into the future, whether for gaming or staring at TV.

Best 8K TV for Gaming - Samsung Q800T QLED 8K Smart TV

Screen Size: 65" | Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 1, HDMI 2.0 x 3,USB 2.0 x3, CI Slot x1 | Refresh Rate: 60hz/120Hz, VRR, ALLM | Resolution: 8K, 7680x4320 | Screen Type: QLED

This mid-range Samsung Q800T 8K TV will give you an immediate payoff for gaming. It offers 4K 120FPS support for the PS5 and Xbox Series X right out of the box, further enhanced by Samsung's flagship QLED display.


If you prefer AMD to NVIDIA, the Q800T supports AMD's FreeSync as part of its Real Game Enhancer+ to give you the best chances of surviving your in-game skirmishes.

It even lets you share your Android screen in Multi-View alongside gameplay if you need any guides or walkthroughs.

The Q800T's Quantum Processor will help upscale non-8K content in real-time using Deep-Learning algorithms. It also benefits from Quantum HDR 2000 (or HDR 10+) to further optimise each frame.

Of course, with a TV like this, you'll likely want to show off the 8K glory to your friends. No matter where you are sat, the AI Adaptive Sound, will automatically adjust so you don't miss out.

So, if you are in the marketplace for an 8K TV tailored against gaming, the Samsung Q800T is a great selection, one of the most best TVs for PS5.

Best 8K TV All-Round - Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K HDR Smart TV

Screen Size: 65" | Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 4, USB 2.Zero x3 | Refresh Rate: 50Hz, VRR, ALLM | Resolution: 8K, 7680x4320 | Screen Type: QLED

This 2021 8K TV from Samsung delivers the entirety you need for a true 8K experience. The QN800A QLED's Quantum 8K processor will upscale 4K images and beef up decrease resolutions into 8K footage, even though it used to be handiest filmed in 4K or lower.


No subject whereabout you might be sat in the room, this TV will look completely stunning. Its anti-glare screen and ultra-wide viewing angles be certain any reflections do not get in the best way.

The QN800A also contains 3D Audio - a feature usually saved for headsets - with Object Tracking Sound PLUS will be sure you never leave out out simply since you're sat towards the side.

The QN800A Infinity One design additionally method you won't have to sacrifice your aesthetic for an 8K show. The 8K TV comes with an Attachable One Connect box that makes anxious cable control a thing of the previous.

As with different QLED TVs, it tends to be less expensive than an OLED counterpart. Having gained a sexy hefty worth drop not too long ago now is a good time to put money into the Samsung QN800A Neo QLED TV.

Best 8K TV Cheap - LG Nano95 8K NanoCell TV

Screen Size: 55" | Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 2, HDMI 2.0 x2, USB 2.0 x3 | Refresh Rate: 60hz, ALLM | Resolution: 8K, 7680x4320 | Screen Type: LCD

While LG may have some high-end and expensive 8K TVs, it also offers some more 'budget' 8K screens if you don't want to splash out too much on your setup.


Even at its lower price, the LG Nano95 is able to make use of LG's top-end 8K technology. This includes its α9 Gen3 AI Processor that will fine-tune non-8K content for crisper picture quality.

The Nano95 even features a 'Filmmakers Mode'. This allows you to watch content as the creators intended, disabling any additional image effects added and restoring it to the original version.

So why is it cheaper than its different LG opposite numbers? The Nano95 show is LCD rather than OLED. This has its disadvantages but also guarantees a lower price.

Cheap 8K TVs are particularly hard to go buy given the impressive technology they boast, but you won't find many 8K devices cheaper - or as good - as the LG Nano95 TV.

Are 8K TVs worth it?

Ultimately, the question of whether to buy an 8K TV comes down to personal choice. The human eye can distinguish 4K from 8K, albeit with some caveats, and the pictures on these TVs glance shocking.

As discussed above, an 8K TV will future-proof your setup - it's an investment. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X can run games at 8K resolutions, in principle.


However, as no developers have released 8K versions of their games - opting for 4K TVs with 120FPS settings instead - this feature is not currently enabled. Of course, these TVs do support 4K, too.

While 8K gaming may not give you the competitive edge that a upper 120Hz refresh rate does, the thought of jumping into any of the most productive PS5 games in a crisp 8K is sufficient to make your mouth water.

A final caveat to imagine when purchasing a TV is that each 8K and 4K are classified under the Ultra-HD term, so remember to select the actual resolution you want.

When will 8K content become mainstream?

While 8K TVs have the potential to portray movies and games with four times as many pixels as 4K TVs, there is still a considerable lack of content available in 8K.

However, with the PS5 and Series X consoles both stating 8K capabilities and companies such as the BBC experimenting with 8K filming, it is likely not far off becoming common.

While there is a lack of 8K content right now, 8K TVs can still look sharper than 4K thanks to AI upscaling, which artificially reproduces the image to portray it in 8K.


Should I buy an 8K TV or monitor?

Whilst 8K content may not be mainstream at the moment, it hasn't stopped manufacturers from making 8K TVs, like those listed above.

The same isn't so true with the best 8K monitors though. As it stands, there's only one currently available on the market with more manufacturers expected to roll out their offerings in 2022.

Regardless though, if you are endeavouring to enter the fledgling world of 8K content, then it's worth knowing which to buy now.

8K TVs will be best for larger spaces such as living rooms and also for getting a properly cinematic experience on a large panel. This comes alongside the benefits of features such as Filmmaker Mode and clever smart TV OS functions, giving you a great all-rounder.

On the other hand, monitors will be better if you're placing them in an office and using it with a PC and or next-gen console, either for gaming or more intense design work, for example.

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