Start Date, Content, Caldera Map & Everything You Need To Know

To coincide with Vanguard's integration into Call of Duty's free-to-play fight royale, Activision and Raven Software have modified its name to Warzone Pacific, a new-era for the sport. Verdansk will disappear into the history books instead of Caldera, a brand-new map positioned in the Pacific entire with over 2 hundred new points of interest to discover.

With such a variety of changes going down to Warzone Pacific, the combat royale is about to be reworked as soon as Vanguard has been integrated into the game. In this article, in finding completely everything you need to know about Warzone Pacific and the primary season of post-launch content.

Latest News


3 December 2021 - Rock Climbing Fixes

Climbing up rocks in Verdansk used to be a shockingly tricky job to complete, much to the annoyance of avid gamers. Thankfully, Raven Software may have fixed the problem in Caldera if a Warzone Pacific teaser is the rest to cross through.

2 December 2021 - Can You Swim?

With numerous water running through quite a lot of areas of Caldera, some gamers have been questioning whether they'll be ready to swim in Season 1. Click the hyperlink above to to find out!

1 December 2021 - Gulag Changes

The latest Call of Duty blog has revealed that the Gulag has gone through some adjustments forward of the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific. Players that win their battle will spawn in with the weapon that used to be used together with any last ammunition.

30 November 2021 - M1944 Hyde Carbine


Along with the remainder of the Vanguard arsenal, Season 1 of Warzone Pacific will see three new additions to the arsenal. One of the three new guns is expected to be the M1944 Hyde Carbine, a variant at the M1928 SMG. Check out our information to in finding everything we know concerning the weapon.

29 November 2021 -

With just over a week until the release of Warzone Pacific and the start of Season 1, we can expect more information at the new era of the fight royale to emerge within the coming days. Be sure to check back frequently to in finding all the newest intel!

26 November 2021 - Old Mine is Open!

After a number of seasons of final closed, the Old Mine positioned south of Summit has in spite of everything opened its doors. With a number of entrances, players can use ziplines to explore the underground to get their palms on loot and a work of Intel wanted to entire a Secrets of the Pacific problem.

25 November 2021 - Secrets of the Pacific Challenges

While we continue to wait for more info on Season 1's content, the challenges for the Secrets of the Pacific event have long gone reside. Find absolutely everything you need to complete them in our definitive information.


24 November 2021 - Secrets of the Pacific Event

As we watch for extra intel on what Season 1 could have in store, the Secrets of the Pacific tournament remains to be expected to begin on November twenty fourth regardless of Season 1 being pushed again.

22 November 2021 - Season 1 Weapons Leak

Alongside the remainder of the Vanguard arsenal, three extra weapons are expected to arrive when Season 1 of Warzone Pacific begins. Notable Call of Duty leaker @TheGhostOfHope has managed to uncover the guns that will likely be making their manner into Vanguard as a part of Season 1. The Welgun and M1944 Hyde Carbine look to be two new submachine weapons while the third weapon to arrive is the PTRS-Forty one sniper rifle.

19 November 2021 - Season 1 Delayed


With under two weeks till the launch of Warzone Pacific and the start of Season 1, Activision has revealed that the start date has been driven back to December 8th, with Vanguard players getting 24 hours of early access beginning on December seventh.

18 November 2021 - New Melee Weapon Leaked

Notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has controlled to discover a brand-new melee weapon within Vanguard's files, implying that it could make its way into the first season of Warzone Pacific.

17 November 2021 - Operation Flashback Event


Details on Season 1 for Warzone Pacific have been few and some distance between, but we will be able to be expecting extra intel to be revealed as a part of the Operation Flashback event, the first of 3 limited-time events marking the tip of Verdansk. Check out our dedicated hub to in finding everything you need to know in regards to the tournament.

10 November 2021 -

As we move closer to the discharge of Warzone Pacific and the Caldera map, a leaker has controlled to discover several screenshots showcasing one of the crucial new points of interest that might be included throughout the new map. @CODWarfareForum indexed the pictures in a Twitter thread and judging via the pictures, there are plenty of numerous areas to explore.

4 November 2021 - Warzone Pacific Intro Trailer

During the arena premiere for Vanguard, the video that coincides with the leaked audio was unveiled, as well as a sneak peek at the brand-new Caldera map.


3 November 2021 - Warzone Pacific Cutscene Audio Leak

Ahead of Warzone's transition to the Pacific, audio from what will be the cutscene when the Verdansk era comes to an end has been leaked. The two-minute clip mentions some kind of Nazi send as well as an look from Captain Butcher.



Warzone Pacific Release Date

The launch of Warzone Pacific will coincide with the start of Season 1, which is able to get underway on December 9th. The new map will probably be the usage of exactly the same engine as Vanguard, ensuring seamless integration between the two titles along the same quality of cross-platform play Warzone is synonymous with.

Vanguard Warzone Integration

The launch of Warzone Pacific manner Vanguard will integrate into the sport, including all Operators and cosmetic pieces from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Vanguard gamers will probably be entitled to 24 hours of early get right of entry to prior to the replace is going reside for the remainder of the participant base.


Warzone Pacific Rebirth Island

After some individuals of the group began to wonder whether Rebirth Island could be staying, Activision has showed that the smaller map will stay in Warzone Pacific along side the popular Resurgence recreation modes.


Warzone Pacific Playlists

When Warzone Pacific launches, gamers could have get entry to to two choice modes alongside the standard BR playlists. Vanguard Royale allows players to participate in aerial battles in fighter planes whilst Vanguard Plunder will arrive once Season 1 starts.

In those modes, best weapons from the Vanguard arsenal can be utilized in custom loadouts, which permits new gamers to master the new arsenal in addition to seasoned veterans to test out what the brand new meta may look like.

Warzone Pacific Weapons

Once Vanguard integration has taken place, Activision says that there might be over a hundred and fifty weapons to make a choice from within the Gunsmith, making Warzone Pacific's arsenal the most important in the historical past of the franchise.

Warzone Pacific Vehicles

A brand new map means a variety of latest cars to master in Warzone Pacific. Ranging from fighter planes to Jeeps, these new vehicles will be some of the quickest ways to navigate round Caldera.

Alongside the brand new automobiles, some from Verdansk can be making their means to the Pacific, giving players quite a lot of choice when travelling on foot isn't the fastest option.


Warzone Pacific Battle Pass

Starting on December 2nd, avid gamers can paintings their method thru a brand-new Battle Pass entire with 100 Tiers of new content, weapons, Operators, and extra.

That's everything we know thus far about Season 1 of Warzone Pacific. BE positive to test again frequently for all the latest news and knowledge!

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