Best Warzone Caldera Map Landing Spots

After weeks of teasers and trailers, the release of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific and the brand-new Caldera map is after all here, much to the thrill of the community ready to drop into the motion for the first time. The new map has already been cut up into 16 distinct spaces, containing several points of interest prone to be hotly contested battlegrounds all over a match.

With such a lot of spaces starting from an inactive volcano to an isolated fishing village at the coastline, there are plenty of landing spots for players to start their quest for victory. With that stated, listed here are the best Caldera landing spots to seek advice from to get your palms on some robust early recreation loot as well as some kills!

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Best Caldera Map Landing Spots

Inside every of the Sixteen areas on Caldera are over 200 POIs for gamers to explore, meaning there are many alternatives to procure some robust loot from supply crates and structures ahead of the first Loadout Drop falls from the sky. After analysing all areas of the map, we have now decided the best places to land along with some key areas that would will let you ranking a huge selection of eliminations.

Once we've got dropped into Caldera for a better glance, we will be able to add extra helpful landing places that would give you the higher hand in the early phases of a match.



The primary city of Caldera contains quite a lot of buildings more likely to be stuffed with firearms and Cash to spend at Buy Stations. This combined with the fully-functioning tramway gadget may give gamers with a quick getaway if the warmth of the action turns into too sizzling to maintain.

The chance of a car spawning within the Capital may be high and with a number of terrain to negotiate, getting dangle of a truck or an all-terrain automobile may well be the difference between a easy rotation to the next circle or an early consult with to the Gulag. With such a lot of POIs in and around Capital, we think this actual house of the map to be a vastly well-liked place to land so stay your eyes and ears peeled for any suspicious process.



If Capital ends up being too overcrowded, Runway might be a much quieter place to land, enabling you to build up some Cash along side getting your fingers on some weaponry to take care of any attainable opposition also looking for a extra secluded drop. While the runway itself is going to be very tricky to cross due to a lack of duvet, the rest of the realm is immersed in jungle, making it really easy to evade somebody making an attempt to attain an early kill.

Within the jungle is a command centre that may be house to more treasured items equivalent to Killstreaks and Field Upgrades but with the opportunity of high-tier loot, expect some stiff pageant to make it out alive. The runway is positioned northeast of the island, that means it is usually a easiest position to make a rotation in opposition to the centre of the map or stick to the edges because the circles start to collapse.

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For the ones looking for a compromise between the worrying, fast moving action and a quite slower taste of play, the Mines glance to provide avid gamers with the easiest place to attain some early loot in addition to quite a lot of engagement alternatives. Do you rush into the primary building in a bid to catch an opponent by way of wonder or sit patiently at the rocky ledges and select them off from a distance?

Those that arrange to discover older portions of the mine may just smartly be in for a marvel. The Call of Duty blog has revealed that avid gamers may "stumble across a [REDACTED] with its own [REDACTED]," implying that there are plenty of secrets and techniques to be came upon in this explicit area of Caldera. The mines are located against the northern aspect of the island but with a number of techniques to reach the coast and extra central spaces, it can be a good spot to survive for the vast majority of the game.

There you've gotten it! These are the best places to land in Warzone's Caldera map. As Season 1 progresses, we can replace this article regularly with the best places to start a fit. For extra Warzone intel, check out a full overview of Caldera in addition to how to unlock the Isabella Operator.

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