Best Welgun Loadout & Attachments for Call of Duty Vanguard

Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard is officially underway, a lot to the thrill of the ones hoping Sledgehammer Games has addressed a lot of bugs and imbalances these days impacting multiplayer. Alongside an intensive record of fixes within the update's patch notes, a new submachine gun (SMG) has joined the ever-expanding arsenal of weapons that are available.

The Welgun is described as a heavy SMG and springs with a moderate price of fire along draw back levels which can be extraordinarily simple to keep watch over. In order for it to deal with different SMGs, there are a number of attachments that can be provided in order to deal massive levels of damage and score masses of kills over the route of a match. With that mentioned, in finding the best Welgun Vanguard loadout and the best Welgun Vanguard attachments to equip in this guide!

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How to Unlock Welgun

The process of unlocking the SMG is extremely simple. Simply earn 10 kills while aiming down attractions with an SMG in one fit 15 instances. We recommend leaping into the chaos of Ship Haus 24/7 to paintings throughout the challenge as briefly as conceivable.

Best Welgun Vanguard Attachments

After spending a while experimenting with a variety of different attachment mixtures, we settled on this set of ten attachments that supply important enhancements to the Welgun's firepower and accuracy ranges on the cost of a slight lower in mobility.


Over the path of a match, we found that this set of attachments was the most powerful via far. The aggregate of F8 Stabilizer and 320 MM SA Shrouded Barrel gave the Welgun laser-like accuracy in the ones frantic close-range encounters along providing steadiness in less chaotic mid-range gunfights. With the barrel significantly reducing mobility, we decided on the Gaiwan Skeletal Stock for a moderately quicker sprint-to-fire speed, sooner motion pace, and another accuracy boost when firing the SMG for a protracted duration of time.

To can help you rating plenty of high-tier Killstreaks, the choice of the Frenzy Proficiency to right away get started regenerating well being after a kill is scored is a no brainer along the election of 48 Round Mags which let you get rid of a number of targets without the wish to discover a protected house and reload on a regular basis/

Best Welgun Vanguard Loadout

Once the attachments have been supplied, deciding on different components of the loadout are just as essential. With a variety of Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrades to make a choice from, there's a wide range of further advantages that may often make the adaptation between scoring any other kill towards your Killstreaks or viewing the Killcam once once more.



This set of Perks is an important if you want to gain each imaginable advantage over the opposition. Dauntless grants immunity to any burning results whilst Forward Intel lets you determine the place the opposition is spawning, making it really easy to trap them in.

The third and final Perk we selected is Lightweight. With the mobility of the Welgun taking a hit in favour of higher accuracy, the increase in motion speed makes it much easier to strafe any enemies during a gunfight.



With maximum players utilising Dauntless to their benefit, grenades that emit fire are quite needless, which is why we have decided on the Gammon Bomb for an instant burst of explosive injury. To prevent anyone escaping the deadly accuracy of the Welgun, the No 69 Stun Grenade slows the motion of any individual hit via it, making them a very simple goal.

Field Upgrade

Selecting Dead Silence as a Field Upgrade is an easy choice to make. With the ability to get at the back of enemy lines with out alerting any opposition on your locations, it's the best opportunity to make an enormous have an effect on at the recreation.

Is The Welgun Good in Vanguard?

Having spent a number of hours using the Welgun, I will be able to safely say that the most recent SMG in the Vanguard arsenal is massively spectacular thanks to its incredible accuracy levels and versatility. It won't have the similar price of fireplace or mobility as the MP-Forty however the further mid-range efficiency makes any participant the use of it a threat at the map. If you haven't already attempted it, I like to recommend unlocking it and using it before Sledgehammer makes a decision to nerf it!

That's tips on how to set up the Welgun for Vanguard multiplayer motion! For more, take a look at everything there is to know about the Attack on Titan crossover and all the newest intel on Vanguard's ranked playlist.