Assault Rifles Ranked Best To Worst

Assault rifles (AR) are a staple of the Call of Duty franchise thank you to their incredible levels of versatility, enabling gamers to prevail in the overwhelming majority of in-game eventualities. Vanguard includes a total of seven ARs, every possessing distinctive traits that can have an effect on ranges of efficiency. As Season 1 approaches, avid gamers are quickly figuring out which might be the best to use in multiplayer.

From the totally automatic STG 44 to the ITRA Burst, there may be an AR that suits all types of play ranging from selecting off goals from a distance to getting up shut and personal with the opposition. Find out which is the very best assault rifle to use and which one you must stay transparent of in our complete tier record. But do note, those aren't necessarily the Best Weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard, but moderately, a rating of simply the AR class.

Call of Duty Vanguard is out now. Follow the link to learn our Vanguard review and early impressions.

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Call of Duty Vanguard AR Tier List

Prior to the disclosing which is the very best AR in Vanguard, it is value remembering that Sledgehammer Games could upload more rifles as every season of post-launch content progresses. With that in thoughts, this is without equal AR tier checklist for Vanguard's pre-season.


The STG 44 is the best assault rifle to use in Vanguard by way of a substantial margin thank you to its fast time to kill, minimum levels of recoil, and ability to deal large harm in mid-range engagements. Joining the STG in S-Tier is the Automaton thank you to its fantastic price of fireside and non-existent levels of balk making it one of the very best guns to use in mid-range scenarios.



With the right mix of attachments provided, the short hearth charge of the Volk can be used when getting aggressive however its top cringe frequently hinders its accuracy levels.

Armed with a low rate of fireside however a huge harm output, the BAR is a viable option for long-distance duels however in close-quarters motion, it regularly falls quick in opposition to weapons with a superior rate of fire.

Another AR narrowly lacking out at the top tier is the AS44. The fire charge is extremely sturdy but the top balk makes it very tough to regulate.



The ITRA Burst is the only AR in Vanguard to function a burst firing mechanism. While it may well drop a goal in two well-placed bursts, the small magazine way you're going to to find yourself reloading frequently, which often leaves you a sitting duck for opponents with more bullets in the chamber.



Despite the impressive ranges of damage, the NZ41's uncontrollable balk makes it the worst AR to use in Vanguard. Unless you're trying to unencumber camouflages, we propose staying clear of this particular rifle till its cringe is adjusted in a future replace.

There you've gotten it, all of Vanguard's assault rifles ranked from best to worst. For extra Vanguard guides, take a look at the entirety you want to know about the single-player campaign and a complete list of all weapon camos coming to multiplayer.

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