The Best Guns in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is now completely out and playable for everybody. We've been playing a lot of it in recent times, and have after all put in combination our thoughts on the best Battlefield 2042 guns in the form of a tier record.

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Of path, the meta is always changing, so bookmark this page to stay up to the moment with the entirety Battlefield 2042, specifically when new patch notes come out. We've got complete loadout guides on the guns with their best attachments, secondaries, throwables, and units too, so you'll be able to dive even deeper into the recreation!

Top Tier



Our favorite weapon in Battlefield 2042, the LCMG can do it all. It has energy, the talent to shred enemies at a center distance, and even challenge snipers if you're confident sufficient.

Check out our information for the best LCMG loadout if you want more information - we've got gone into nice depth there.


The PP-29 is an SMG with a shockingly long range. Compared to its rivals in the class, it can if truth be told compete with Assault Rifles, and its ammunition capacity is actually pleasant.

We have a helpful web page on the best PP-29 loadout too if you're interested!



The K30 is an absolute savage at close ranges. With an absurd hearth price and harm that isn't even part unhealthy, the K30 is paying homage to the Vector from different shooters. Its time-to-kill attainable is wild.

We've put together a at hand information showing you the best K30 loadout too, so give that a look for in-depth element!


The MP9 is the quintessential SMG. If you're liking the close-range harm output of the K30 but want one thing with a reasonably extra controllable rate of fireside, the MP9 is exactly the weapon you might be after. It absolutely destroys enemies extremely temporarily.

Here's the best MP9 loadout that can assist you deck it out right!

High Tier



The SVK is a actually robust marksman rifle, running somewhat like a sniper in the proper cases. It's a hefty piece of equipment with a quick enough fire fee to get the ones follow-up photographs to finish off your combatants. It's the absolute best midpoint weapon to make use of in any state of affairs.

Check out our best SVK loadout information for more information on how best to use this gun!


The SWS-10 is the sniper rifle you can have get entry to to first in the Battlefield 2042 open beta, and you'll be able to wish to be completely on point to make it work. You can one-shot enemies with a headshot in case you are in particular proficient, and take out baddies with out them even seeing you (something we're at all times getting killed by way of).

If you need to maximize your sniping ability, have a look for our best SWS-10 loadout, including the secondaries, throwables, and everything in between.


The M5A3 is your traditional assault rifle for Battlefield 2042. It's got fluctuate, first rate power, and is just about the go-to gun you will have to pick out in case you are now not sure what to do. There's the factor with bullet unfold with ARs making it a touch unpredictable, but it does a really cast process regardless.

Why now not have a look at our page for the best M5A3 loadout for extra detail on the gun? It's a in point of fact fun one to use too!



The AK-24 is a sexy robust weapon with a in point of fact attention-grabbing area of interest. It's got a large amount of ranged doable if you deck it out with the proper loadout, and whilst you play your cards proper, it could completely shred even LMG-users.

For additional information, take a look at our pick out for the best AK24 loadout - it must help you determine your build!


Slightly more mobile than the K30, the PBX-Forty five is a nice, bog-standard SMG. Thankfully, in Battlefield 2042, bog-standard SMGs are super useful! Just you should definitely're avoiding long-ranged battle, and this weapon will serve you effectively.

If you fancy a bit of more juicy detail, you'll want to check out our page for the best PBX-45 loadouts too! C'mon, you realize you want to.

Mid Tier



The DXR-1 is a hefty fella, perfect for bonking baddies from across the map. However, if you're professional enough to use the SWS-10 to a high level, you will not gain too much from the usage of the DXR. They both kill enemies in a single headshot, they each cling their damage at fluctuate, and they can both be decked out for better accuracy. The DXR simply has relatively worse dealing with and a slower rate of fireside.

It's all just right regardless that. We have the best DXR-1 loadout that will help you toughen with it too.


The AC-Forty two is an engaging weapon. It calls for you to use a burst fire mode in contrast to the other ARs in the recreation, and offers solid accuracy. The burst fireplace is not for everybody regardless that, and we found it a tad irritating to use in actual Battlefield situations.


The MCS-880 is a bizarre gun. At the moment, we've not found a good use for this shotgun, even supposing you'll be able to spice up its range with slugs fairly than buckshot. Unfortunately, it suffers at fluctuate against ARs and LMGs (clearly), and it struggles to stay alongside of SMGs close-up if you don't hit each shot.



The PKP-BP is a vintage LMG with quite higher bullet injury than its rival, the LCMG. Unfortunately, it's just no longer as tough in apply. With awful dealing with and much much less dependable accuracy stats, you are a lot better off with the LCMG in most situations.

Regardless, it's a a laugh one to try out, particularly with our best PKP-BP loadout!


The DM7 is an k weapon to use, but it simply does not really feel as dependable as the likes of the SVK. It's obviously for differ, but when your LCMG can butcher foes from miles away anyway, then its area of interest is relatively limited. We'll see if it makes it into the meta as the Warzone DMR did despite the fact that!

If you're hungry for extra, have a look at the best DM7 loadout information proper right here on Gfinity!

Low Tier



The NTW-50 is down in low tier, but that is not because it is a strictly terrible gun! It's simply so situational. The NTW-50 is an anti-materiel rifle, intended for totally destroying cars up to 1500m away (in keeping with the sport). It's just too heavy and unreliable to use in commonplace gameplay even though.

Grab yourself a squad of pals with co-ordinated targets despite the fact that, and that you must be the designated automobile destroyer for those who fancy!


We love a cheeky marksman rifle. Unfortunately, the VCAR just lacks the versatility we're searching for in a weapon, although. It's intended for close-range encounters with its low damage and speedy hearth price, but you'll be able to want a high-level trigger finger to get even on the subject of excellent results with this factor.

12M Auto

It's a fully-automatic shotgun, so at shut range, it must dominate. Unfortunately, it does not somewhat do what you'll like it to do, and you'll finally end up killed off through extra SMG customers than you'll love to admit.

It's tremendous fun to run around with although, so give our best 12M Auto loadout a just right glance if you need to check out this weapon!



The SFAR-M GL simply doesn't do anything somewhat as well as it must. Its firepower is the perfect of all the attack rifles, but with out a fast rate of fireside and fluctuate values to compare, it is basically a worse model of an LMG. It does have an underbarrel grenade launcher as regular though, which is beautiful cool at least.

If you actually fancy giving it a move although, check out our best SFAR-M GL loadout information!

GVT 45-70

This lever-action rifle is an old-school piece of apparatus. With a most of six bullets to be had in the chamber and an excruciatingly slow fire charge, you can combat to deal quite a lot of injury with the GVT 45-70. Stick to actual snipers or marksman rifles.

Remember, extra guns will keep being added with all the Battle Passes and seasons that get launched, so do not be anxious if this isn't moderately sufficient for you at the moment! There's at all times Battlefield Portal to whet your urge for food.

We'll keep this tier list up to date for you to you'll want to're in the know with the best guns to use.

In the period in-between, why not be informed more about the best Battlefield 2042 settings, or stay your Battlefield appetite satiated with some Battle Pass data?

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