How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast

Apex Legends Season 11 is here and we are so excited to dive in and grind out that battle pass, which will all be explained within the patch notes. Knowing how to level up the battle pass could be a little bit of a gruelling enjoy, particularly in case you are now not positive what to do. That's why we have put together a compilation of pointers!

Here's how to level up your battle pass as quickly as conceivable:

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How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast


Stay Alive

Technically the #1 manner to earn XP is through making it to the tip of the game. The closer you are to the highest spot, the higher XP you'll get.

Some players will make a choice the safe direction via hiding out until the top of the match. Although this can also be efficient, it isn't a lot fun and also you likely won't have high-level loot, which will probably be a drawback when going up against groups who have been successful fights.

Basically, in the event you aren't too confident you'll be able to continue to exist a combat, don't have interaction. Don't be afraid to retreat if you happen to assume the top is nigh all through a battle.

Play Together, Stay Together and Slay Together

If you aren't playing in a premade squad then do so up to imaginable, enjoying with a chum will give a 5% XP bonus to time survived. Add another pal to the combination and you'll be able to all get a 10% XP bonus to time survived.

If you would not have other people to play Apex Legends with, no worries, there are many social platforms where you can workforce up with others, differently, check out inviting gamers that you do well with.


Overall, solo queueing in Apex is incessantly no longer numerous fun and if you are attempting to climb the ranked ladder then it can be terrible. Plenty of other players do not want to paintings as a group and it is just not an relaxing revel in.

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Complete Challenges

There are two varieties of players, those who check out to entire each problem and check them after each and every game and the ones that do not listen to them in any respect.

If you're the latter then check out to change things up, be certain to complete as many demanding situations as you'll, some will reward you with an entire Battle Pass level! Others might praise you with stars, each and every celebrity with cross in opposition to a Battle Pass level.

Chances are you can probably entire one of the demanding situations with out even realising.

Buy The Battle Pass Bundle

Of route, this is not an option for everyone despite the fact that for those that can it's viable. The Battle Pass Bundle will start you at level 25 instead of one. This implies that you'll have 25 levels less to grind for and as a bonus, you get some cool cosmetics.


Buying Battle Pass Levels

As smartly because the above, you'll be able to if truth be told purchase Battle Pass levels, only a forewarning, this may briefly become pricey but if you'll and wish to do this then move forward!

Each level will set you again 150 Apex Coins, you'll buy up to Ninety nine ranges and this will likely cost 14,850 Apex Coins, roughly priced at $one hundred fifty five or £110. Once you get to level 100, you've got to earn the last 10 ranges via playing and gaining XP.

Experience Points Table

Below you can find a desk appearing how a lot XP each objective will praise you.

All XP earned in a sport will go in opposition to your Battle Pass.

Win a Match900 XP
Top 5 Finish300 XP
Time Survived3 XP in step with 2d survived
Kills50 XP in step with kill
Damage Done0.25 XP in step with 1 harm level
Revive Ally25 XP per revive
Respawn Allytwo hundred XP in step with respawn
First Kill of the Day500 XP
Kill Champion Squad Members500 XP per kill of the champion squad
Kill the Kill Leader50 XP when you have been the kill chief in a fit at any level
Champion Squad500 XP if you are the champion squad going into a fit
Play with a Friend+5% XP bonus to Time Survived
Play with two Friends+10% XP bonus to Time Survived

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