Weapon Tier List Season 11

The debate surrounding Apex Legends' perfect weapons is one that might be waged for eternity. Much like the wars throughout the sport, wars will rage ceaselessly from behind keyboards as avid gamers protect their loved Wingman or Mastiff till their dying breath.

However, there are patterns that you'll understand. As a lot as Apex Legends Season 11 may alternate issues up, positive weapons are just better than others, and it is no disrespect to the P2020 to say it is exponentially worse than a Kraber - it's just the chilly, laborious, reality. Let's be utterly honest here, you are infrequently going to jump into an Apex Legends ranked fit with two RE-45s, are you?

As such, we've created an Apex Legends weapon tier list. It won't go well with your own tastes, and there is also some debatable opinions enclosed, however total it's a just right indication of Apex Legends' highest guns. We'll stay it up to date with each update to the fight royale, but control the latest Apex Legends patch notes as neatly, just to make sure of any balances.


Season 10 brought the Rampage LMG to the sport, which seems to be first rate, and Apex Legends Season 11 added the CAR SMG - which Titanfall 2 players will know neatly. Let's see what are Apex Legends' very best weapons for now:

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S-Tier: The Very Best Apex Legends Guns

These are the best guns that you can find in Apex Legends. Pick them up with out hesitation, agree with us.

Kraber (Care Package)


You'll be lucky to find a Kraber in your video games, because it solely appears in care applications. However, if you're lucky sufficient to grasp one - or kill its previous owner - this sniper rifle can instantly kill any Legend with a headshot.

While it hits heads for massive harm, any shot will take out an opponent's defend, so employ the big harm and let unfastened some pictures.

However, we recommend getting some observe within the Firing Range first, although, because the painfully slow charge of fireplace and small choice of rounds method it's a must to make every shot count.

R-301 Carbine

A great all-rounder in Apex Legends (as it was once in Titanfall), the R-301 is the most productive Apex Legends gun for mid-range entanglements.

Although it provides some of the best possible iron sights in the game, attachments truly convey out the most efficient within the R-301, in particular a mid-range scope and a longer mag. It has little or no draw back (and a predictable cringe trend), making it best for beaming enemies sooner than they even know you are there.

The removal of Anvil Receiver in Season 10 has hurt the 301, but not sufficient to knock it out of the S-Tier.



The R-99 is an incredible SMG at close fluctuate that offers 198 DPS. Grab an extended mag and run headfirst into fights and you can be odds-on to win.

The price of fireplace is the R-99's absolute best asset, so just be sure you hit as lots of your photographs as you'll. Combine with an R-301 for some ranged fortify, or move balls to the wall and run it with an EVA-8 shotgun for without equal close-range carnage.

Prowler PDW

The Prowler changed into a ridiculously sturdy weapon as soon as placed into Care Packages. It's no longer back to ground loot and regardless that it is a favorite of a few avid gamers, general it is not that commonplace with the group.

We liked striking it on full-auto and spraying till the Champions display seems, however in Season 10 the Prowler is burst-fire solely. It's almost certainly for the most productive, even though, as it's nonetheless extremely robust even in burst-only mode. We're anticipating a nerf to the Prowler when the Rampart Town Takeover arrives, however till then the heavy SMG is king.



Okay, we get it, the CAR hasn't even launched yet and we're placing it in S-Tier? Hear us out.

The CAR used to be merely the most efficient weapon in Titanfall 2 - and that's the reason a recreation that features a pistol with homing bullets. What's more, the snippets we've got observed of it make it glance pretty sturdy in Apex, too.

The CAR can take mild and heavy ammo, meaning you'll be able to rarely be without the chance to reload. It can also take attachments for both. What's more, its price of fireside turns out high and the flinch seems large, however manageable. At provide it is mostly a straight draw back trend, which can be easy to keep watch over after a couple of games.

We'll update the CAR into its correct position on this tier list once it releases, but we think it to return out of the gates strong.


A favourite within the Gfinity offices, the Peacekeeper is a formidable shotgun that merely looks cool.

The Precision Choke is now also constructed into the shotgun, that means that you'll be able to price up those pictures instantly for maximum damage. Do this by aiming down the sights, which massively reduces the shotgun's pellet spread and makes you more likely to hit large injury. A surefire selection for Gibraltar mains in every single place, a excellent shotgun is important to bubble fights, although some players desire the EVA-8 at this stage.

Apex Legends Season Nine discovered the Peacekeeper available to snag as floor loot once more, which means that it has received a slight nerf, however we adore it however.


A-Tier: Great Choices

These weapons don't seem to be rather the most productive Apex Legends guns, but they're close.

EVA-8 Shotgun

The EVA-8 was once at the start higher on this list however with Season 10 it has been nerfed, when a bolt is provided the fire charge is penalised. The EVA remains to be somewhat robust, just not as robust as sooner than.

The good thing about the EVA-8 is that you don't need to aim down points of interest, its hip-fire unfold is set the similar as whilst you ADS, meaning your mobility may not be impaired.

M600 Spitfire (Care Package)

The Spitfire is was prior to now considered broken anyway but now it's about to get an entire lot more robust. The Spitfire is available inside Care Packages in Season 10 and is even more tough because of this.


We've noticed players wipe entire squads with one magazine from a Spitfire. The fee of fire is pretty slow and it takes a long time to reload (when it's important to), but when warring parties must reload their guns and you don't - it is arduous to lose.

No doubt we will see numerous avid gamers begging Respawn to take away the Spitty from Care Packages.

If you need to be in reality spicy, play as Rampart for a fair bigger magazine in this brutal LMG.



The L-Star is the weapon to pick out should you love embracing chaos. It's got a wild cringe development and its purple glare of power rounds take in your entire display, making it nigh unimaginable to attempt, although in close quarters it can be ridiculously powerful.

It's an entire lot stronger in Season 10. Players are ready to make use of barrel stabilizers and extended energy mags, the mags will increase the amount of time until the L-Star will overheat.

VK-47 Flatline

We love the Flatline in this day and age, operating it with the EVA-8 in a very meta combo. It does less damage than the Spitfire in step with bullet, but you will have to reload, the Flatline's greatest boon is its price of fire, which is far quicker than the Spitfire.

Use it at mid-range with a 2-4x or 3x scope, or hip-fire up close - it is going to shred both means.



One of the most robust guns in Apex Legends in the proper hands, especially with an extended magazine, the Wingman is ceaselessly wanted through players. You'll want various observe to make sure you hit your shots even at long levels, but the Wingman has a very excessive talent ceiling.

The Quickdraw hop-up has been got rid of, however the built in boost to hipfire accuracy in Season 10 can solely fortify what is already a really perfect pistol.

To exchange Quickdraw is the Boosted Loader which permits for sooner reloads, if reloaded at the proper time like Deadeye's Tempo, you can be granted extra rounds on your mag.

B Tier: Not Great, Not Terrible

These weapons have some versatility in sure eventualities but are price swapping out if you happen to see any of the simpler alternatives mendacity round.


The Longbow DMR has long been a constant performer in the Apex games, due to its rather excessive fire charge and first rate harm Not as robust as a full-blooded sniper rifle, it's extra forgiving - purpose for the head, and practice up with whatever you'll be able to hit.

It's the best ground loot sniper in Apex Legends, and feels actually great in Season 11. We like to run it with a Prowler for that long-range/short-range combo.



The Volt is a terrific power SMG immediately out of Titanfall 2, and, to be truthful, it is in point of fact excellent. The SMG takes Energy Ammo and fires it at a speedy fee, destroying shields in seconds at shut vary.

It's also our pick for the best gun for novices to the game as it has mainly no draw back and is understated to control. The SMG eats ammo, however, so you should definitely top off, and remember to grasp a longer energy magazine to profit from your pushes.


Alternator (Care Package)

Before the latest season we'd have positioned the Alternator fairly low however now it's better than ever. The Alternator will make its way into Care Packages and Disruptor Rounds are again. This hop-up used to be what made the Alternator a part of the meta season in the past and we look ahead to seeing it once more.

Generally we nonetheless desire the R-99 to the Alternator (even with those Disruptor Rounds), but who are we to go up a crimson weapon? It will do you good, however the limited ammunition makes us hesitate compared with different SMGs that you'll restock at every loss of life box.

Triple Take (Care Package)

The Triple Take used to be moved to Care Packages in Season 9, in addition to changing to the Marksman class. It stays there in Season 10, but we most popular it when it was once floor loot.

There's one thing concerning the move to Marksman that hasn't long past well for the Triple Take. Yes, it has a better ADS pace, however something doesn't feel right, and we can't relatively put our arms on it. Perhaps it is the limited ammunition or the truth we simply hardly ever see them in our fits these days.

The Triple Take is no doubt nonetheless worth choosing up, despite the fact that it's just because it acts like a pseudo-sniper at differ and a pseudo-shotgun up shut.



The Hemlok has all the time been a relatively respectable gun and when utilized by any individual with quality purpose, it may be a bit overpowered. It's about to get a whole lot stronger as there's a new hop-up.

The Boosted Loader is a new hop-up that may be connected to the Hemlok and Wingman. Offering faster reload speeds as well as additional rounds if reloaded on the right time (like Deadeye's Tempo).

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is the one hitscan weapon in Apex Legends, which means you don't have to take bullet drop or enemy motion under consideration when aiming. It fires a beam of energy at opponents, earlier than exploding right into a high-damaging shot that can instantly spoil a protect, although totally levelled up.

The Charge Rifle makes use of two sniper ammos for each shot, so you should definitely have plenty at hand.

The move to Evo Shields across all game modes has taken the Charge Rifle up a couple of places - it'is best for purchasing giant harm within the early levels of a game and leveling up that defend!



The first post-launch addition to Apex Legends’ arsenal, the Havoc is a beast, especially after a significant buff in Season 4. The Havoc has a firing fee so excessive it could actually shred shields in an instant, however multiple will increase to the horizontal balk have taken their toll.

It’s an attack rifle that packs an accurate punch, even if the price time can also be an irritant. If you can manage the cringe, this has the potential to be a serious danger. Grab a Turbocharger, alternatively, and you can shred.

G7 Scout


A single-shot weapon that’s surprisingly decent even at close range, the G7 is crying out for a scope to get the most efficient out of it. Luckily, since its reclassification as an Marksman Rifle, those are a lot more uncomplicated to return via.

The charge of fire is first rate, however the only real limit is how fast your firing finger is! Great for poking round corners and getting incremental damage, the G7 is highest at school for mid-range Marksman fights.

C Tier

Bocek Bow


The Bocek Bow used to be meant to be robust, and it is. Originally doing 70 injury, it has already been knocked down to 60 damage, with its charge-up time increasing from .54 seconds to .fifty six seconds. Even with a few other nerfs, the Bocek is still a good weapon when in the hands of a skilled participant, dominating both combat royale and Arenas.

It is nearly silent, and packs quite the punch, especially when combined with Shatter Caps and Deadeye's Tempo hop-ups, which it could possibly attach on the identical time.


Although some would possibly not accept as true with this spot for the Rampage, we've got had a number of a laugh with it since its free up to the sport. It surely packs a punch however the sluggish fire rate permits for a weak point making it no longer too overpowered.

The closest comparability will be the Spitfire, in case you believe a sleepy, gradual Spitty then you get the Rampage, even if, don't take its pace without any consideration as it is nonetheless a beast.

However, load it up with a Thermite and it will shred. There's not anything scarier than facing up in opposition to a souped-up Rampage, however you want to think two steps ahead of your enemies to get it in a position in time for the combat.



One of the guns added as a part of Season 4, the Sentinel rewards professional players handsomely. Its bolt-loaded mechanism manner you’ll need to line up your shots, but it might be another if you can’t find yourself the Longbow. Manage the immense cringe and you have to be rewarded.

A Season 6 trade meant that in case you are wearing Gold Armor, you will only want one Shield Cell to price the Sentinel to its souped-up mode, however this is too situational to be thought to be a big buff. Similarly, Season 9's addition of Deadeye's Tempo hop-up makes no difference to the sniper's application.


The Devotion has the fastest fireplace charge in the sport - and seriously, it beams when it gets as much as complete speed. However, it actually wishes a Turbocharger to reach its complete possible.

The Devotion also eats ammunition. With a gold mag provided, then again, it will possibly take down fighters in the blink of a watch.

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 is a Marksman Rifle that hasn't ever actually lived as much as its full potential. Yes, every bullet is loaded in my opinion which is helping when you now not just a couple of further photographs. Yes, you get a 35% damage boost for those who payment your shot by way of aiming down the attractions. However, it's nonetheless just a little underwhelming.


The G7 Scout's usefulness comes from its quick price of fireside, which you just cannot mirror in case you are charging your 30-30 shots. The Shatter Caps hop-up does not do a lot to enhance the Repeater at shut range, either.

The 30-30 Repeater is a jack of all trades and master of none, and ends outclassed via other weapons which excel in their repsective niches.

D Tier: Don’t Even Bother

Come on, really?



A weapon that’s transform a meme now, Mozambique is a shotgun that doesn’t spread sufficient and a pistol that isn’t accurate enough.

As of Season 9, the Mozambique has six rounds and is totally computerized, which does improve things quite. A headshot can nonetheless do respectable injury, and it's the good number of secondary weapon in Arenas suits, taking into account it doesn't cost you anything else to select up.

The Mozambique is best than it was once, but it surely remains near the bottom of the pile.


The RE-Forty five simply isn't great. It's were given a fast fee of fireside, but every spherical does so little damage that it is laborious to make it rely.

We've found slightly utility in choosing it as a succesful secondary weapon in Arenas fits - an R-99 without the extortionate ticket - but it is rarely price selecting up in combat royale suits.


The most vanilla of pistols, the P2020 simply isn’t that exciting. A buff to its injury in Season 6 doesn't lend a hand it at all.


Apex Legends Leaked Weapons

Apex Legends incessantly adds a new weapon to shake issues up - and the longer term seems no different. Here's some weapons which have been leaked and will be on their way to the game ahead of too long:

Nemesis Burst AR

The Nemesis Burst AR used to be leaked by Respawn itself, because it posted screenshots of Rampart's Town Takeover menu display screen with the in the past unannounced attack rifle within the patch notes.

We do not know so much about it, however from the sound of its name it'll be somewhere between a Hemlok and a Havoc. It may not need to get the hearth price on top of things, however, so we'll have to attend and see exactly what form it takes. We're anticipating much less balk and less damage, on the other hand.

Cryo Grenade

While no longer technically a weapon, the Cryo Grenade also appears to be on the approach. This one has been datamined moderately than leaked, so take it with a pinch of salt as it will change at any time. However, Shrugtal found proof that the projectile might be arriving in Season 11 - well before the Nemesis - and may just due to this fact have some interesting interactions with Apex Legends' new map, which seems to have an important amount of water.

That's taken with our list of Apex Legends' absolute best guns. We'll keep this up to date when new buffs, nerfs, and patches are launched, however until then pick one thing that you revel in enjoying with and hit the hot drops.

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